Workers can complete a Micro job in following campaign ( job ) Modes

All Jobs paid instantly as you marked satisfied by employer.

  1.  USA / UK/ AU /CA campaign
    Only members from USA/ UK/ AU /CA countries will be allowed to do this job

  2.  International 
    All members from all countries around the world are allowed to do this job
  3. Limited Countries
    Employer have selected / restricted countries for do this job,members from mentioned countries will be able to do this job

How to Complete a Micro Job

  1. You will need to have an active account to log-in on site and find a job

  2. You can find a job by Category or country
  3. You will need to select your working skills  from categories in menu  MyAccount -> Add More skills
  4. Click on job and read the job details & required proof .
  5. Follow the Required proof details and submit the proof.
  6. Employer will review worker's submitted proof :

If employer SATISFIED

  • Worker get paid instantly ( no further action required )

  • Employer provide the feedback and rate your work.

If employer Not-SATISFIED

  • Employer can give you another chance for correction

  • Employer will give you details of reason and you can re-submit the Proof of work
  • After the correction Resubmit the proof to employer
  • If Employer still Not Satisfied ? You will be paid and can not do this task again
  • If Employer Satisfied ? you will be Paid and mark as Satisfied Work


if employer doesn't check the Pending proof within 7 days, you will be auto mark satisfied and paid by system


Withdraw / cash out

  1. You can withdraw your Cash balance any time when your balance reaches to 5$

  2. your success-rate must be above 50% to withdraw / cash out
  3. wallet balance can not be withdraw since its a total of all refunds,not earned by doing jobs
  4. you can select any available withdraw method and enter amount to withdraw ( minimum withdraw required  5$ )
  5. After withdrawal request no further action required
  6. You can see the status of your withdrawal process is being processing or processed
  7. We send the payments within 7 days.
  8. As your withdraw status showing Completed,make sure you have received your payment
  9. for any issue you can contact to administration for any support,
  10. if you want to start a campaign ? you can use your earned balance for start a new campaign and become employer.


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Thank you,

Mini Job Work